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        Social activities of Guangdong SOXI Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Skill competition Safety production emergency drill Classification, Working Principles and Precautions for Common Vacuum Hopper Loade What Are the Methods to Choose an Industrial Chiller? The Development Trend of Plastic Dryer in the Next Few Years Characteristics of Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type) What is a Central Conveying System? The Determinants of Drying Rate of Dehumidifying Dryer Material The Difference between Dehumidifying Dryer and Ordinary Dryer What Are the Structural Functions of the Injection Molding Machine? Introduction to the Principle, Application Range and Characteristics of Hot Air Hopper Dryers December employee birthday party Working Principle and Operation of Plastic Moulding Machine How Can the Mold Temperature Machine Be Cooled? Classification of Plastic Moulding Machines The Principle, Use and Classification of Plastic Crusher How to Choose an Industrial Chiller? Moulding Method of Plastic Moulding Machine What is Central Conveying System? Development Trend of Plastic Dryers in Next Few Years Plastic Molding Methods for Central Conveying System Pipeline Layout Requirements and Maintenance Methods of Central Conveying System Classification, Working Principle and Attention Points of Common Vacuum Hopper Loader The Difference Between Central Feeding System and Automatic Feeding System How to Control the Water Volume of the Three-in-one Dehumidification Dryer? Classification and Selection Skills of Dehumidification Dryers What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Drying Gas Path of the Dehumidifying Dryer? Three-in-one Dehumidifier and Dryer Humidity Measurement Method What is the Function of the Various Accessories of the Dehumidifying Dryer? What is the Difference Between a Plastic Dehumidifying Dryer and a Dehumidifying Dryer (Standard Type)? Complete Solution for Central Conveying System What is the Appropriate Temperature for the Dehumidifying Dryer? What Do I Need to Do Before a New Dehumidifying Dryer Can Be Used? Instructions for Use of the Dehumidifier Dryer (Standard Type) Application Introduction of Industrial Chiller Dynamic Heat Balance of Mold Temperature Machine: Mold Temperature Control is Essential Plastic Shredder Machines Play an Important Role in Waste Plastic Recycling What Details Should Be Paid Attention to when the Central Conveying System Fails? Maintenance of High-pressure Fans for Central Conveying Systems What Are the Factors That Affect the Price of Dehumidifying Dryers?
        Plastic Material Mixer Machine

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine

        Soxi is one of the safe and reliable plastic mixer machine manufacturers. Pastic mixer machine is used for the precision proportioning of multi-types of plastic materials in the injection and extrusion industry. The gravimetric batch plastic blending machine can reach an accuracy of ±0.3%, it is controlled by PLC, apply advanced dosing arithmetic which ensures high quality and comprehensive technology advantage. It delivers excellent performance, superior stability.  Columetric doser is also known as masterbatch doser. Plastic mixers adopt high precision stepper motor drive screw which is wear-resistant and with superior durability. volumetric accuracy can reach ±1%. This series uses a brushless DC motor, blending according to pre-set proportion. it is able to store 50 sets of formulas. with intelligent control, can undertake future industry 4.0.

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        Types Of Plastic Mixer

        SOXI provides a wide range of plastic mixers such as gravimetric blenders, horizontal mixers, proportional mixer, volumetric dosers, masterbatch mixer and vertical plastic color mixer.

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Working Principal

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Working Principal

        Four storage plastic loaders are filled up with four different kinds of raw materials when plastic mixture machine start to work. 

        Pneumatic shutter valve of hopper 1 opens, material in hopper 1 will fall into the weighing hopper. 

        When the sensor of the electronic scale in the weighing hopper detect that it has reached the pre-set weight, the pneumatic shutter valve of hopper 1 will be shut down then the pneumatic shutter valve of hopper 2 will be opened. 

        When the raw material is being poured into the mixing drum, the stirring blades starts stirring, when the raw material in weighing hopper all fall into the mixing drum, the shutter valve of the weighing hopper will be shut down, the stirring blades will continue to work for a while until they are evenly mixed. The pneumatic shutter valve of the mixing drum will be opened and the raw materials will fall into the open storage tank or injection molding machine.

        By doing this, a working circle of plastic material mixers is completed. 

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Features

        With the gravimetric sensor and material level switch, the special gravimetric blender designed for high-temperature material is suitable for PET crystallized materials. Ethernet interface attached to the controller works together with the relevant software, material proportion data (max. output, actual output, proportioning accuracy) can be transmitted to control product quality. regrinds auto compensation function available. Aberration compensation can be automatically calculated based on the discharge amount of material.

        • All materials will be mixed using the measurement of gravity so that the precision can strictly be controlled;

        • Plastic mixer machine manufacturers use advanced ingredient mixing technology which can control and measure accurately the proportion of each raw material.

        • Plastic mixers can handle up to 6 ingredients simultaneously

        • With formula storage features, it is able to store up to 20 groups of formulas.

        • With records alarming function

        • USB Data export function available, it is able to save and record ratio data so that the product quality management can be carried out efficiently;

        • Automatically repeating calibration function, on each weighing will automatically correct, adjust to ensure the best accuracy in ingredients mixing.

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Features

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Manufacturer Advantages

        Plastic mixer manufacturers has features as below:

        • Permanent memory data storage capabilities;

        • Microprocessor control system intelligent precise calculation;

        • With External signal input, able to communicate with another device

        • Durable screw with chrome-plated treatment

        • Modular assembly structure, easy to disassemble and interchange

        • Double doser, painted central material hopper, material level sensor, material shortage alarm system available.

        • In short, Soxi volumetric doser has permanent storage, accurate calculation. It is durable, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and easy to use.

        Plastic Material Mixer Machine Manufacturer Advantages
        SOXI NEWS
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